The first mixed gas diving expedition after J Y Cousteau. The outcome of more than 5 years of planning, lasted more than a month on KEA island, made the wreck known to most of the world. Partly responsible for what HMHS Britannic represents in diver's minds today

thefirstdive_small.jpg arrivalonkeabriefing_small.jpg plans_small.jpg relaxing_small.jpg
kevingurrholdingthecousteuplaque_small.jpg manthossotiriouholdingthecousteuplaque_small.jpg participatinginlocalevents_small.jpg preprations_small.jpg
tests_small.jpg testdives_small.jpg testdives2_small.jpg testdives3_small.jpg
testdives4_small.jpg thesafetyrib_small.jpg decostationtests_small.jpg testdives5_small.jpg
testdives6_small.jpg testdives7_small.jpg deepertestdives_small.jpg fillingcylinders_small.jpg
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